The Tooker Gomberg Video Memorial, a tribute to a beloved friend, colleague and teacher, was compiled and is presented by media activists from: Boiling Frog (Toronto); Edmonton Small Press Association; Independent Media Productions; and, Rainbow Bridge Communications (Edmonton).

The compilation consists of Tooker's own productions, plus never-before-seen footage of him in various actions from 1990 through 2003. It's a must-see event for Tooker's friends, colleagues, and environmental activists everywhere. It features:

* "Playing with Democracy II" (53 min. rel. 2000), a documentary of Tooker's run for mayor in Toronto. Jump on the bandwagon (except it's a streetcar) and celebrate Democracy! Whether it's smog, homelessness, business taxes, citizenship and government, cleaning up Lake Ontario, greening the city, transportation, youth, clean energy, the Gomberg for Mayor campaign has a fresh solution (much of it worked out during his time here in Edmonton). Witness Toronto through the eyes of an old-fashioned political campaigner, talking up the voters and cajoling the media. "Playing with Democracy" is a must-see for anyone who loves Tooker and/or anyone considering giving Bill a run for his money. Find out why Gomberg for Mayor got 50,000 votes and why Mel Lastman didn't dare take him on in a public debate.

Also shown will be selected excerpts from a decade of Tooker and friends' activist videography, including:

* "Another Forest", an Earth Day musical tragedy featuring - among many other strange and wonderful things - Tooker as an evil multinational pulp and paper company.

* "Kyoto, Winds of Change", an account of Tooker and Angela's travels from Kyoto to rural China in search of "Greenspiration".

* "Activists without Passports". Tooker burns his passport at the Hague, in very public disgust at Canada's role in stonewalling the Kyoto talks

* "Kyoto or Bust", video coverage from Tooker's last, desperate campaign in Alberta - to get Ralph Klein to own up to the "Lost Document"

And what is the "Lost Document", what Tooker referred to as "the most important document I've seen in 20 years of environmental activism"? For those interested in more information about the "Lost Document", following the presentation of the films (combined running time: ~90 minutes), there will be a short presentation by friend and colleague Brian Johnston.


Tooker's Adventures in Video
View some of Tooker's adventures in video:

* the 2000 Toronto Mayoralty race;
* UN Climate Talks/Passport-burning;
* Arrest and deportation looking for nukes in the Netherlands;
* Keeping up the pressure on Mike Harris;
* Cycling with Angela for Greenspiration in Asia;
* Burning Earth Day;
* and more...